Ad agencies have alot of non-traditional marketing tools now available to promote their agency. It is important that they understand how to use these tools because today’s clients are more resistive to traditional marketing practices.

Prospective Clients:

1. Don’t want to be interrupted

2. Have found ways to screen out, throw out and tune out unwanted marketing messages

3. Use online tools and techniques to seize control of their agency selection process

4. Seek out the information they want when they want it

5. Are finding their agency, rather than the agency finding them

First and foremost, it is critical that you and your staff understand and participate in social media by learning about it firsthand. One of the best ways you can learn is to develop a blog site for your agency. Just remember that motive matters. It is not about your agency, it is about benefiting your audience. If done correctly, you will be amazed at the response.

Having your agency’s own agency blog will also help by:

1. Defining your target audience

2. Learning to write specifically to their needs

3. Learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization so your target audience can easily find your agency

4. Establishing a clear point of differentiation

5. Testing your message

6. Identifying the most important marketing challenges and obstacles your target audience is facing and providing solutions

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