Makkanis are the quintessential cultural spaces in God’s own country where endless conversations over warm cups of tea funnel social, cultural and political change. A place where information is exchanged, opinions formed and solutions are served. In one such cosy Makkani, four college friends with a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship came together to build a dream. A dream to creatively connect with people, and pioneer change in the society. And thus, Makkani was born. Starting off as a production team at a prominent channel, and gaining experience in various aspects of creative production, the team moved on to start a venture of their own. As a Creative and Advertising agency, Makkani embraced the flow of time and always
sailed ahead of the current. Guided by a far-sighted vision and rooted in strong professional principles, Makkani grew to become one of the most sought after Creative Agencies in Calicut and beyond. Today, Makkani offers our expertise in various areas of communications, integrating creativity withtechnology to provide a holistic approach to Brand and Personal Communications. Our clientele includes some of the leading brands in the market and pans across the country and the Middle-East. We believe inusing creativity to engage meaningfully with consumers and community, and our work is the biggest testimonial to that.


To pioneer a creative revolution that is sustainable, exhaustive and humane. To positively connect brands and communities, and build a conscious, informed community that chooses wisely.


To build memorable brands by implementing an overarching strategy that is idea-centric, data driven and technologically sophisticated. To be the best in the industry in terms of service, trust and client relationship. To grow towards our vision by fulfilling our commitment to the society by nurturing a healthy workplace and sustainable mode of operations.

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