The word, 'advertising' is derived from the Latin term Adverto. This means, drive the interest or attention towards something.Advertising is the preparation of written or oral messages and their dissemination through paid press without personal associates for the goal of making people aware and willing towards the utilization of a specific product of that organization or company.

Advertising Features

1. Advertising is a non-personal form or presentation since there is no person connect with the consumers of the product.

2. It is a type of communication which is in paid form as the marketer has to spend for the space or time employed by him for the intended purpose of advertising.

3. It is really done by an sponsor. It will always be done on or for the behalf of an individual called sponsor.

4. It could be written or visible.

5. It is really done through medias such as radio, press, podcast, posters, video, television, theatre, internet etc.

6. The main function of advertising is to improve the demand for this product.

7. Advertising is a simple form of mass communication as the advertising are targeted at the large numbers of people.

8. Advertising is not the same as publicity as it requires place throughout the life span time of a company or the product.

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