Here, every idea can be boiled

Makkanis are teashops found in remote places of kerala which get started with the first ray of sun. More than being a teashop, its more like a culture where everything under the sun can become a topic of discussion. Makkani is not just broken benches or faded walls, it is a place where new ideas are lighted, boiled and cooked up. Our Makkani is no different from this. Its a place where you can get hot fresh baked ideas.. Its a place where every idea can be boiled..

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Branding agency in Kerala

We establish

The Makkani production house establish Ideas and Techniques which none of the other agencies can do.

Branding agency in India

We create

We creates and develops advertisements, animations and other creative visions from the best level that anyone can access on this planet.

Branding in Calicut

We capture

We shoot and capture films and ads from the most advanced angle that a camera can focus.

Advertising Agency

We are top leading advertising agency in calicut, kerala and UAE with full of creative ideas that drive powerful results. We provide advertising, design, event planning, digital marketing. Makkani Productions in one of the top advertising agencies in calicut kerala.

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Branding Agency

We creates better strategy and effective design for our clients that different from all other branding agencies in calicut, Kerala. We are one of the top branding agency in kerala.

Video Production Agency

We've an end-to-end creative video production crew; dealing with passion to build up an new concept, through filming, editing, post-production and storyboarding to provide with an digital marketing package. We are one of the top advertising agency in kerala which gives top class video advertisements.

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Web Designing & Web Development Company

We develop websites with creative UI design which is most attractive and engaging one for visitors. We provide best quality websites which is responsive for all devices and cost effective.

Digital Marketing Agency

Our experts helps to grow your brand or business online through Digital Marketing - the best way possible. Makkani Productions is one of the top digital marketing agency in Calicut, Kerala.

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Corporate Events Planner

We organise and manage the corporate events efficiently. We have extensive experience in planning and organising an corporate event. We plan every event in an unique and special way.

Advertising Agency

Makkani productions is top creative and leading agency from advertising agency in Calicut, Kerala, Bangalore & UAE. Our Creative advertising agency in kerala meets Branding, Poster Design, Logos, Brochures, Video Production, Corporate events, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Web Development. Our advertising agency offers best branding and creative advertising.